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Savoury Marrow Rings


You’ll Need:

# 1 medium-sized marrow
# 3 oz. (75g) grated cheese
# 3 tablespoons of breadcrumbs
# 2 hard boiled eggs
# 1 tablespoon of milk
# 1 oz. (25g) walnuts
# nutmeg
# salt and pepper
# 1 egg

Directions : # Peel the marrow and cut into rings about one and a half inches (4cms) thick, removing the seeds
# Arrange in a greased ovenproof dish
# Put the breadcrumbs into a basin with the milk and leave for a few minutes to soak
# Add the cheese, reserving al little, chopped hard boiled eggs and chopped nuts
# Put the mixture into the center of each ring of marrow
# Sprinkle with the remaining cheese and bake for about 20 minutes in a moderately hot oven, 375F, Gas Mark 5, 190

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