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No-Added-Sugar Apple Pie


You’ll Need:

16 oz. can frozen concentrated apple juice, unreconstituted
commercial apple pie spice
3-4 ozs. corn starch depending on quantity of apple juice.
5-6 medium baking apples
3-4 ozs brown or regular sugar (optional)
deep-dish pie crust

Directions : Put the defrosted apple juice in a saucepan and add the spice and
cornstarch (and sugar if you must). Cook over medium heat stirring
constantly until the cloudiness from the cornstarch disappears and
the mixture thickens. At this point you can add the apples to the
pot to coat them with the glaze, or pour the glaze over the apples
in the pie crust. I have tried both with equal results. However,
I am terrible at estimating and prefer to put the apples into the
pie crust first to ensure that I have the right amount. Cover with
top crust or lattice, depending on how much work you want, and bake
at about 350 for about 60-70 mins or until it looks done (use some
common sense)

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